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AB Artworld – Exhibitions


NAME: Fidel N. Oyiogu

Fidel N Oyiogu is prolific painter and sculptor. His work comprises more of detailed female figures juxtaposed in varied gestural positions as well as symbols and geometric designs. The images that characterize his work are drawn from a wide range of popular traditional and cultural sources that aesthetically engage with communal activities on dance and celebrations. Fidel works with bright colours and representations that recall the tactile surface of Uli painting.

Fidel Oyiogu graduated from Institute of Management and Technology, IMT, Enugu in 1985 and has since then exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions.

NAME: Jefferson E. Jonahan

Jefferson Enoyore Jonahan lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. He had his early education in Lagos and graduated from Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State where he earned a National Diploma in 1993. He is a full studio artist and has participated in several exhibitions. His paintings are in several important collections in Nigeria and abroad. Jefferson is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artist and ArtZero Group of Artists.

NAME: Peter Akinwumi

Akinwumi Peter, has been adjudged, Master of the Beaten Metal Art, which is his own unique approach to High relief repousses Sculpture. His Studio based in Nigeria, produces the best collections in this rare medium, which you will not find anywhere. He was born in Lagos, to a Nigerian Father and a Ghanaian Mother.

Peter got his elementary training from his Mother, who was trained by her elder Brother, one of Ghana’s early Art Legends, in the person of late Prof. Azzii AkatorAkinwumi started practicing as early as the age of 10. He worked for some Galleries, like Felix Idubor Art Gallery (Benin City), Fred Achibong (Lagos) Songhai Heritage (Lagos). In year 1990, he enrolled for a B.A. degree in Fine Art, and graduated with second-class upper division in Sculpture.

While in School, he won twice the prestigious scholarship award, on being declared the best student, in the Faculty of Arts. On graduation, in his bid to establish an identity for himself, he revived a rare Art form, known either as repousse or the Beaten Metal Art. This he now calls DOT-BEATEN METAL. A name chosen, based on the fact, that he uses dots from punchers of varying nibsrepousse and chasing techniques, to beat out relief forms on Aluminum plate.

In 2001, Nestle Foods commissioned him, to use his Beaten Metal, to create concepts for the promotion of their range of products in the Nigerian market. The unique finish of this medium has placed Akinwumi Peter, in an enviable position, as one of Nigeria’s most sought after artists. His collections can be found in lots of reputable places at home and abroad.


NAME: Tyna Adebowale

Culture for me, is having a knowledge of my identity from my local position as a Nigerian, that grew up in Edo state, lived in some parts of the northern part of the country, and now in Lagos, to how I can relate it to a more global community.  I am on a creative journey that is still in stages of various processes. My art is influenced by everyday happenings, especially trending issues on the social media or mass media, mostly centered on the dysfunctionality of politicians attitudes. I sort of ‘freeze’ the moment to my preferred surface. I utilize texts and pigment. I also look at issues of consumerism, which I explored in my “made in China” series. Using the female body, I also look at issues of sexuality and silence.

And… I am almost an artist, on a continuous creative journey.

NAME: Victoria Udondian

Given my interest in textiles, I work with used fabrics, paper, plastic bags, and other recycled materials which are cut, sewn, woven, tied, glued and re-purposed to construct large scale sculptures and installations which question Nigeria’s increasing dependence on outsourcing for textile product.

Udondian studied at the University of Uyo graduating with a BA in Painting in 2004. Her recent shows include We Face Forward, Arts from West Africa today at the Whitworth gallery in Manchester,2012; SAS at the Bagfactory Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2012; A Kilo of Hope at the Yusuf Grillo Gallery, Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Nigeria 2011; The Green Summary and Who is Wearing my T-shirt? at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Lagos, Nigeria, in December and March 2010 respectively; Hidden Drama, an exhibition by Catalyst Women, Arts and Science at the King’s theatre, South Sea, UK 2010. Artist Residencies include the Residency at Islinton Mill, Salford, Manchester, 2012; Art Enclosures at the Fondazione di Venezie, Italy 2011, Visiting Artist in Residence at Bagfactory Artist Studios, 2011; and the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA)/Triangle Arts Trust Artist Residency in Nigeria, 2010.

She is an active member of various art groups and collectives including the Society of Nigerian Artist (SNA) and the Catalyst Women Arts and Science in Portsmouth, UK since 2008.