Water Colour Paint

In accordance with proven traditional methods of production, all Artists’ Watercolours are carefully stone milled to enhance the individual brilliance of each carefully selected pigment, and to maximize its handling qualities.

Art watercolours have the distinct advantage of being composed only of lightfast pigments – for instance, Alizarin Crimson is not offered in our range because it is known to be fugitive. We have replaced this colour with a lightfast Permanent Crimson.

Art  watercolours have a very high pigment content and thus give stronger tints and clean mixes, resulting in outstanding value for money.

watercolour-setsArt Watercolour Sets

Sets of assorted watercolours provide a range of the most useful and popular colours for artists, whether beginners or advanced. The Landscape set introduces the unique Australian landscape watercolours, plus useful standard colours.

Sets are packed in attractive cardboard boxes and practical wooden work boxes.

Art  Masking Fluid

A rubber latex solution which is painted over any dry area you wish to keep free of colour. Allow the masking fluid to dry before over-painting. Peel or rub off with fingers or suitable eraser when paint is dry.